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Distorted expertise: On the (free) trade debate in economics

Stephan Pühringer and Theresa Hager discussed economic narratives on trade and free trade in public debates and academic discourse at the conference on development (Entwicklungstagung) in Linz.

[Translate to Englisch:] Freihandel

As part of the workshop, we dealt with economic debates on trade and free trade and discussed their effects on public debates. Hager and Pühringer first gave a thematic input based on a current study on distorted economic expertise on free trade and globalization in academic discourses. Then the participants identified central argumentation patterns on trade and free trade in public political debates and devloped discourse strategies on how to concretely counter this distorted expertise. With regard to the possibilities for action, these discourse strategies help to deprive the prevailing economic narrative of its effectiveness and thus counteract global inequalities.

You can finde more information on the 'Entwicklungstagung' here., opens an external URL in a new window