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Workshop: Rankings and the structure of the economic sciences

Do rankings promote excellence, preserve quality or only construct hierarchy and exclusion? These questions will be discussed at the workshop on 20-22 July at the JKU.

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From 20.-22. July the workshop "Rankings and the structure of the economic sciences: promoting excellence, preserving academic quality, or constructing hierarchies and exclusions?" will take place at JKU.

Different study results from international scientists will be presented. Here you can find more informationen about the topic, opens a file and  the porgramme, opens a file.

21 July 2022

09:00 Welcome

Quantification of Science

The Network Determinants of Publishing in Top 5 Journals. Evidence from the Swiss Field of Economics Professors (1991-2020)

Thierry Rossier


The Performativity of Competitization in Academia

Stephan Pühringer & Georg Wolfmayr

11:00 Coffee Break

On the Quantification of Quality: A revised model for evaluating scientific excellence

Johanna Rath

12:15: Wrap up Discussion: Quantification of Science and its implications
13:00 Lunch

The Construction of Economic Expertise

Research Organizations: public policy and the search of excellence

Luísa Veloso & Helena Carvalho


Putting Rankings in Place: from “economics as science” to the economic expert dispositif

Jens Maesse

16:00 Coffee Break

Is Alternative Economic Expertise Intelligible? Peer review, Evaluative Criteria and Disciplinary Hierarchy  

Ellen D. Russell

17:15 Wrap up Discussion: The Construction of Economic Expertise and its implications
18:00 End Day 1 and workshop dinner


22 July 2022


The current state of economics and its implications

How evaluation practices in macroeconomics threaten objectivity: Complementing the “what went wrong” story with a social epistemology perspective

Teemu Lari


How rankings consolidate the paradigmatic monism in economics

Rouven Reinke

11:00 Coffee Break

Scientific understanding and mathematical modelling in economics

Rodrigo Lopez-Orellana and Bralind Kiri


Wrap up Discussion: The current state of economics and its implications

13:00 End Day 2




Time & date

July 20, 2022 (all day)

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Johannes Kepler University, Linz