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SPACE Working Paper





22 December 2023 Stephan Pühringer: Wie viel Wettbewerb wollen wir (uns leisten)? Zur Verwettbewerblichung der Universitäten in Österreich und darüber hinaus read, opens a file
21 July 2023 Theresa Hager and Stephan Pühringer: Gendered Competitive Practices in Economics A Multi-Layer Model of Women’s Underrepresentation read, opens a file
20 April 2023 Katharina Litschauer, Carina Altreiter and Sarah Kumnig: Das Feld der Gemeinnützigen Wohnbauträger in Wien: Eine deskriptive Darstellung read, opens a file
19 February 2023 Stephan Pühringer and Georg Wolfmayr: Competitive Performativity of (Academic) Social Networks. The subjectivation of Competition on ResearchGate, Google Scholar and Twitter read, opens a file
18 January 2023 Carina Altreiter, Claudius Gräbner, Stephan Pühringer, Ana Rogojanu and Georg Wolfmayr: The three faces of competitization: From marketization to a multiplicity of competition read, opens a file
17 December 2022 Claudius Gräbner-Radkowitsch, Theresa Hager and Anna Hornykewycz: Competing for sustainability? An institutionalist analysis of the new development model of the European Union read, opens a file
16 October 2022 Theresa Hager, Ines Heck and Johanna Rath: Polanyi and Schumpeter: Transitional Processes via Societal Spheres read, opens a file
15 September 2022 Carina Altreiter, Raphaela Kohout, Sarah Kumnig, Katharina Litschauer and Georg Wolfmayr: Die Bereitstellung von leistbarem Wohnraum in Zeiten der Wohnkrise. Deutungen und Praktiken der Wiener Gemeinnützigkeit read, opens a file
14 September 2022 Matthias Aistleitner: Development and Interdisciplinarity: re-examining the “economic silo” read, opens a file
13 June 2022 Carina Altreiter, Susanna Azevedo, Laura Porak, Stephan Pühringer and Georg Wolfmayr: Winning urban competition with a social agenda. The competition imaginary in Viennese urban development plans read, opens a file
12 January 2022 Claudius Gräbner-Radkowitsch: Elements of an evolutionary approach to comparative economic studies Complexity, systemism, and path dependent development read, opens a file
11 October 2021 Jakob Kapeller and Claudius Gräbner-Radkowitsch: Standortwettbewerb und Deindustrialisierung Das Beispiel MAN als Lehrbuchfall read, opens a file
10 September 2021 Claudius Gräbner-Radkowitsch and Theresa Hager: (Mis)Measuring Competitiveness: the Quantification of a Malleable Concept in the European Semester read, opens a file
9 August 2021 Carina Altreiter and Katharina Litschauer: Strategies of Capital Accumulation in Times of Land Scarcity. A Field Perspective on Social Housing Construction in Vienna. read, opens a file
8 July 2021 Laura Porak: Governing the Ungovernable - Recontextualizations of ‘Competition’ in European Policy Discourse read, opens a file
7 May 2021 Claudius Gräbner and Stephan Pühringer: Competition universalism: historical origins and timely alternatives read, opens a file
6 December 2020 Stephan Pühringer, Laura Porak and Johanna Rath: Talking about Competition? Discursive shifts in the economic imaginary of competition in public debates read, opens a file
5 December 2020 Stephan Pühringer, Johanna Rath and Teresa Griesebner: The politicial economy of academic publishing: On the commodification of a public good read, opens a file
4 December 2020 Carina Altreiter, Claudius Gräbner, Stephan Pühringer, Ana Rogojanu and Georg Wolfmayr: Theorizing competition: an interdisciplinary framework read, opens a file
3 October 2020 Carina Altreiter, Claudius Gräbner, Stephan Pühringer, Ana Rogojanu and Georg Wolfmayr: Theorizing Competition. An interdisciplinary approach to the genesis of a contested concept read, opens a file
2 July 2020 Claudius Gräbner and Birte Strunk: Pluralism in economics: Its critiques and their lessons read, opens a file
1 August 2020 Matthias Aistleitner and Stephan Pühringer: Exploring the trade (policy) narratives in economic elite discourse read, opens a file