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Teaching Portfolio

  Profound education in the field of management

The institute is part of the management education at the Johannes Kepler University in Linz. Accordingly, the primary focus is on deepening knowledge and skills in the field of business administration.


The main aim of the institute's teaching program is to provide students with scientifically sound know-how in the field of entrepreneurship, as well as to make entrepreneurship a tangible experience, while promoting methodological and problem-solving skills.

A large part of the courses are held in English, not only because the leading scientific literature is predominantly written in English, but also because it is increasingly becoming the dominant language in business. Students should be prepared for this at an early stage.

Practical insights and research focus

What particularly distinguishes the institute and should therefore be emphasized is the comprehensive and omnipresent reference to practice. Case studies, partner projects, and guest lectures closely link the study content with the professional requirements of entrepreneurship. Lecturers from different business sectors further enable our students to combine theory and practice.

In addition to practical relevance, the institute attaches great importance to enthusing students about entrepreneurship research. Therefore, our courses are based on the current state of research, try to convey the latest results of recent studies, and also give an insight into the research activities of the institute itself. In this way, the Institute for Entrepreneurship creates an excellent foundation for further research activities together with the students.

Bachelor-program at the Institute for Entrepreneurship (beginning with the winter term 2020/21)

BSc in Business Administration

As part of elective courses or modules, you can also deepen your knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship. To this end, you can choose the subject Organization, Innovation and Entrepreneurship within the BSc Business Administration program, opens an external URL in a new window.

This subject can be completed as a major (24 ECTS) or as a minor (12 ECTS). Entry requirements for the major as well as for the minor in Organization, Innovation and Entrepreneurship are the introductory courses KS Introduction to Organization and KS Introduction to Change and Innovation Management.


The subject consists of the following modules/subjects and a written final examination:

Important details:

The module “Foundations of Organization” is only offered in the winter term, the module “Foundations of Innovation and Entrepreneurship” only in the summer term. In the course of the change of the bachelor program with WS 2020/21, the module “Foundations of Innovation and Entrepreneurship” will be offered this one time in WS 2020/21 to avoid study delays for the students.

The subject “Organization, Innovation and Entrepreneurship” can be started in the winter term as well as in the summer term. However, the ideal course of study differs accordingly (for further details of the course of study, please take a look at the major in Organization, Innovation and Entrepreneurship).

All the information about the BSc in Business Administration:

Curriculum BSc in Business Administration

University Studies Handbook BSc in Business Administration, opens an external URL in a new window

BSc in Business and Economics

Our courses can be taken as part of the Organization, Innovation and Entrepreneurship specialization (elective - 18 ECTS) within the BSc in Business and Economics, opens an external URL in a new window (new beginning with October 1, 2020).

For students who remain in the old curriculum of Business and Economics (until September 30, 2018 or starting from October 1, 2018), special regulations for credit transfer and examination recognition apply.

Equivalence lists, substitute courses, and credit rules can be found in the appendix of the Curriculum BSc Business and Economics.

Master studies at the Institute for Entrepreneurship from WS 2022/23

Master Management

In the Electives General Management Competence of the Master Management students have the opportunity to choose the course  Entrepreneurship , opens an external URL in a new windowto learn about the foundations of entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial process.

All students enrolled in the Master Management can participate in this course.

Student Code of Conduct
JKU Business School

Students of the Institute for Entrepreneurship are required to comply with the Student Code of Conduct regarding behavior, examination performance and academic work.
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