Meet our team!

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Head of the Institute

Name Room Phone E-Mail
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Erik G. Hansen SCP 3, 521-2 5520

Office Management and Adminstrative Staff

Name Room Phone E-Mail
Mag.phil. Anna Morpurgo SCP 3, 521-1 5521

Postdoctoral Researchers

Name Room Phone E-Mail
Dr. Julia Schmitt, MSc SCP 3, 520-1 5525
Mag. Dr. Daniela Schrack SCP 3, 515 5529

Doctoral Researchers

Name Room Phone E-Mail
Andres Alcayaga, MSc SCP 3, 519 5527
Ferdinand Revellio, MSc SCP 3, 519 5527

External Researchers

Name Room Phone E-Mail
Samuel Wicki, MSc - -

Student Assistants


Room Phone E-Mail
Laura Bösenberg SCP 3, 514 5531
Patrick Frey, MA SCP 3, 514 5532
Stefan Mühlberger SCP 3, 514 5530

Former Staff Members (chronological order)



Johannes Kastner Student Assistant
Verena Gautsch Student Assistant
Gerhard Öller, BSc Student Assistant
MMag. Dr. Melanie Wiener, MBA Postdoctoral Researcher
Estefania Lopez, BSc Student Assistant
Tobias Klammer, BSc Student Assistant
Victoria Gferer, BSc Student Assistant
Kevin Kaltenböck, MSc Student Assistant
Romana Stögmüller, MSc Student Assistant
Ursula Weber, MBA External Researcher