Master's theses.

Requirements for acceptance

The focus of the master's thesis has to be in the area of “Integrated Quality Design”. Please review our website (research focus, research fields and research projects) to get acquainted with our research foci.

Furthermore, students applying for writing a master thesis at the Institute for Integrated Quality Design (IQD) have to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Students in the master program “General Management”: positive completion of a minimum of two (out of three) courses or seminars of the master challenge “Sustainability” (course numbers: 234.124, 234.006, 269.063); with a grade point average of maximum 2
  • Students in other master programs (e.g. Management in Polymer Technolgies, Management and Applied Economics): positive completion of a minimum of one course or seminar offered by the IQD (these are courses and seminars with the course numbers starting with OR positive completion of a course or seminar of the master challenge “Sustainability” (course numbers: 234.124, 234.006, 269.063); with a grade point average of maximum 2

In addition to the attendance of a course offered by the IQD, a master's thesis proposal (focus area, research question, method, outline, timeline) is developed in a guided process during the course 590.003 Master Thesis Seminar.

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A full application has to be submitted to the IQD in electronic format. The application has to include:
- a CV
- a letter of motivation
- a transcript of records
- in case of professional experience please also include references

A convincing letter of motivation and good grades (a grade point average of 2) are the main criteria for the acceptance of the application. The time frame for writing the thesis is formally 6 months after the Institute has accepted the thesis application.

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Given Topics

Ongoing Master's Theses

  • Ashna Mudafer - Integration of the Circular Economy in the Value Chain
  • Bernhard Schnederle - Drivers and Barriers of Implementation of Open Foresight
  • Gerhard Öller - Open Innovation in Cradle to Cradle Certified Companies
  • Kathleen Zhou - Commercialisation Strategies for Cradle to Cradle Innovations
  • Manuel Ganglberger - The Influence of Team Variables in the Decision-Making Process of Open Foresight
  • Markus Leitner - Smart Enablers of Remanufacturing
  • Melanie Grünbacher - Drivers and Barriers for a Cradle to Cradle-Oriented Product Take Back Process
  • Petty Steinbrecher - Standards for the Circular Economy
  • Samuel Feichtner - The Circular Business Model: the Role of the Corporate Culture
  • Tamara Knoll - Organizational Cultural Setting in Agile Enterprises
  • Vera Reisinger - Life Cycle Data for Product Take Back and Quality Assessment

Closed Master's Theses