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Innovative, civil UAV Control Platform ReLoaded (INCONTROL-RL)

Term: 10/2020 - 9/2023 (36 months)

Partner: TTTech Computertechnik AG

INCONTROL-RL (Innovative, civil UAV Control Platform ReLoaded) in which TTTech Computertechnik AG partners with the Institute for Machine Learning of the Johannes Kepler University Linz (JKU), who conducts internationally leading research in the field of Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning, which is at the heart of Modern AI. The project's aim is to research and develop a platform at up to TRL 4 level for autonomous operation of UAVs and air-taxi light aircraft. For this purpose, a back-bone network shall allow combining fully digitized air-vehicle control using AI elements and investigating the certifiability. The final target of the project is to set-up a laboratory platform with the complete avionics for a helicopter like UAV and pave the way for later miniaturization of the avionics in an ASIC including compliance to airworthiness rules and processes. INCONTROL-RL will observe the airworthiness processes and design rules in order to assure that its results can serve as the basis for the planned carry-on development up to product level beyond the project goals. Other partners of the project are Schiebel Elektronische Geräte GmbH, the Institute for Microelectronics of the Technical University Vienna and Austro Control Österreichische Gesellschaft für Zivilluftfahrt mit beschränkter Haftung.