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Institute for Machine Learning
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PhD Seminar in Computer Science, 3SE

Zoom Link Talks

https://jku.zoom.us/j/97647616521?pwd=aE9iVmprbjN0ZHE5Qjc3NWFSU1Q4UT09, opens an external URL in a new window


Please send an email to secretary(at)ml.jku.at if you want to be on the list of talks or changes are to be made.


List of talks (start 10:15 am)

Date Name
06.03.2023 Johannes Lehner
13.03.2023 Kajetan Schweighofer / Vihang Patil
20.03.2023 Günter Klambauer
27.03.2023 Viet Tran
17.04.2023 Benedikt Alkin
24.04.2023 No Talk
08.05.2023 Andreas Fürst
15.05.2023 Thomas Schmied
22.05.2023 Andreas Auer / Emma Svensson
05.06.2023 Niklas Schmidinger / Johannes Schimunek / Patrick Weinberger
12.06.2023 Claus Hofmann / Sebastian Sanokowski
19.06.2023 Ana Sanchez
26.06.2023 Philipp Seidl