Lecture Series Artificial Intelligence

  • The "Lecture Series Artificial Intelligence" hosts lecturers from different scientific disciplines and backgrounds.
  • While the Lecture Series is a mandatory course for first semester AI Bachelor students, all talks are open to everyone with an interest in AI – students of all semesters and fields, University employees, and the general public.
  • Talks always start on Tuesday at 14:00 h in Lecture Hall 1 except explicitly announced otherwise.
  • For questions and feedback contact Johannes Kofler via kofler@ml.jku.at.


Semester Overview:

Date Speaker Affiliation Title of Talk Abstract
08.10.2019 Thomas Unterthiner Google AI, Berlin, Germany Using deep learning to solve challenging problems Abstract
15.10.2019 - - - -
22.10.2019 Gerhard Widmer JKU Linz, Austria Can Computers "Understand" Music? An Update from the World of AI Research Abstract

31.10.2019 (Thursday, 9:00h, HS 7)

Jürgen Schmidhuber IDSIA, Lugano, Switzerland Unsupervised Learning: Passiv and Active Abstract
05.11.2019 Elmar Rückert University of Lübeck, Germany Artificial Intelligence for Autonomous Robots Abstract
12.11.2019 Hrvoje Bogunovic Medical University Vienna, Austria Deep Learning for Ophthalmology Abstract
19.11.2019 - - - -


(Open Innovation Center)

Sepp Hochreiter JKU Linz, Austria Deep Learning: The Key Technology Of Artificial Intelligence Abstract
03.12.2019 Matthias Spielkamp AlgorithmWatch, Berlin, Germany How to make your AI ethics-proof? A primer Abstract
10.12.2019 Gerfried Stocker Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria Artistic Perspectives on Artificial Intelligence Abstract

Marcin Skowron,

Friedrich Neubarth

OFAI Vienna, Austria Generating Verbal LEGO Instructions for the Blind and Seeing Impaired Abstract
24.12.2019 - - - -
31.12.2019 - - - -
07.01.2020 Markus Schedl JKU Linz, Austria Personalized Music Recommendations by Multimedia Mining and User Modeling Abstract
14.01.2020 Alexios Balatsoukas TU Eindhoven, Netherlands Machine Learning for Signal Processing in Communications Abstract
21.01.2020 Holger Hoos University of Leiden & CLAIRE, Netherlands Addressing the AI Talent Bottleneck by Automating Artificial Intelligence Abstract
28.01.2020 - - - -