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Institute for Mathematical Methods in Medicine and Data Based Modeling
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Finished Projects.

Selected past projects

Coating Inspection Heuristic Optimization in Production and Logistics (HOPL) Fingerprint IV – BAIAS

Biometric algorithmns for the integration of area sensors

Project duration: 2016 – 2018
Robert Pollak

New Perspectives on Residuated Posets Improving the usability of machine learning in industrial inspection systems (UseML)

FFG project 840202 (IKT of the Future) with project leader Profactor GmbH

Project duration: 2013 - 2015
Edwin LughoferRobert Pollak, Roland Richter

Performance Optimization of Electrical Drives Fault Detection with Data-Driven Models Fingerbild I+II

Industriekooperation zu Fragen der Verbesserung von Fingerbilderkennung
Project duration: 2008 – 2010
Roland Richter, Robert Pollak

Advanced Engineering Design Automation (AEDA) Generating process feedback from heterogeneous data sources in quality control (mvControl) Interpretable and Reliable Evolving Fuzzy Systems (IREFS) Heuristic Optimization in Production and Logistics (HOPL) Process Analytical Chemistry (PAC) Generating process feedback from heterogeneous data sources in quality control (mvControl)  Image Similarity based on the Discrepancy Norm

Research project in the context of the cooperation with the COMET K1-Zentrum SCCH in the context of the FWF-project P 21496 under leadership of Bernhard Moser

Project duration: 2009 - 2012
Jean-Luc Bouchot, Erich Peter Klement

Industrial Methods for Process Analytical Chemistry (imPACts) CD-Labor MS-MACH - subproject

Research project at the Christian Doppler Laboratory for microscopic and spectroscopic material analysis
General project lead: David Stifter

Project duration: 2009 - 2016
Bettina Heise

Fingerbild III Fingerprint – EBAM I Fingerprint – EBAM II

Enhanced Biometrical Algorithms against Manipulation

Laufzeit: 2015 – 2016

Robert Pollak

Projects until 2009

Copula Theory and its Applications Constructions of Multivariate Statistical Models with Copulas Measuring the Feelings and Expectations Associated with Textures (SynTex) Dynamically Reconfigurable Quality Control for Manufacturing
and Production Processes Using Learning Machine Vision (DynaVis)
Ultrasensitive Proteomics and Genomics I, II (GenAu I, II)

Part of a research project with focus on the area of image processing in life sciences (micro-array, micro-patter, cell detection, cell tracing)
General project lead: Institut for Biophysics at the JKU
Project duration: 2002 – 2009
Bettina Heise, opens an external URL in a new window, Leila Muresan

Theory and Applications of Relational Systems as Knowledge Instruments (TARSKI) Fuzzy Control and Fuzzy Logic Many-Valued Logics for Computer Science Applications