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Institute for Mathematical Methods in Medicine and Data Based Modeling
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Advances in Knowledge-Based Technologies (AdvKBT)

The seminar is held twice in each semester typically in November, February, April, and June.

The goal of the seminar is to present and discuss current topics of bachelor, master and PhD studies as well as projects both at FLLL and SCCH, while giving students an opportunity to present their work and to practice presenting in English. The seminar is organized like a small conference with 20-30 minute talks, discussions, chairmen, coffee breaks, abstracts, etc. The seminar is fully held in English.

Edwin Lughofer, FLLL, and Bernhard Moser, SCCH, are currently responsible for the organization of the meetings. 




Seminar Dates

Next seminar

To be announced

Last seminar

Dec 12, 2019


  • Mathematical foundations of knowledge-based technologies:
    • fuzzy and many-valued logics
    • artificial neural networks
    • genetic algorithms
    • decision making
    • machine learning
    • knowledge-based signal and image processing methods
  • Applications in
    • process automation and control
    • optical quality control
    • life sciences, bioinformatics and medical informatics