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Bachelor Theses.

Device to measure the ultraviolet radiation, the radon exposure and the atmospheric pressure

Patrick Klement

Every day we are exposed to environmental influences. Over the course of evolution, the human envolved sensory cells or organs to detect some of these influences (e.g. temperature, sound etc.). Others environmental parameter do we only detect after getting health problems or while watching the weather. By using a Raspberry Pi, a station was developed for precise measuring and simultanly outputing of the figures by an E-Ink display. This device was created to get better knowledge about the environment, which sorrounds us every day. The actuell version of the station is capable of measuring the radon activity, the incoming UV radiation and the atmospheric pressure. It is designed that it can be extended with further sensors, to measure other environmental parameters as well. Beside showing the actual measured values, the device is able to plot the readings over time. Additionaly all recorded data will be saved on the SD card of the Raspberry Pi for an external analysis.

Keywords: ultraviolet radiation, atmospheric pressure, radon exposure, weather station

July 30th, 2018

Figure 1: This image shows the measuring station with the radon sensor connected.