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Data logger for a digital linear gauge

Boris Tasevski


The steadily growing usage of integrated circuits, such as microcontrollers and microprocessors, results in major advances in digital signal processing.
Every sensor measures a physical quantity, which is most often converted into a representative electrical signal. Furthermore, the electrical signal can be digitized for an easy data transmission or post-processing.
The usage of data loggers in the digital metro

Figure 1: Realized datalogger by receiving of measurement data.

A data logger for the digital linear gauge DG-525 from the vendor Ono Sokki was realized. Subsequently, the measurement data was transmitted continuously by the data logger to the PC. The transmitted data was visualized in real-time via MATLAB.
By consideration of the measurement principle, various DG-525's characteristics (such as drifting of the zero point, hysteresis and linearity) were characterized by measurements. The static parameters that affect the measurements were analysed too.

Keywords: data logger, digital linear gauge, Ono Sokki DG-525, ATMEL, ATMEGA32U4

February 5th, 2015