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Low Cost Rapid-Control-Prototyping System for MATLAB/Simulink using RTLinux

Peter Reiter


The complexity of classical engineering disciplines need modern development tools, particularly in the area of automatic control and system control technologies. One of these modern development tools is a rapid-control-protoyping (rcp).
The aim target of this student project is to apply such a system to various application. Because it is considered that it is important for students of engineering subjects to get familiar with this novel development process. In a particular lab course in the mechatronics curriculum students should run through all phases of control system design, code generation and implementation.
This student project contains the installation and utilization of a Slackware-Linux based system. The base-system augmented by several add-on packages (RTLinux, COMEDI, STRTL, ...), to implement an rcp-system for the lab course. For this lab course extended student lab excercises have been developed. These excercises (basic i/o routines, digital signal processing examples and closed-loop-controller design) should train the students in model identifcation, controller design, simulation, and finally compare the simulation results with the behaviour of the real hardware.

March 30, 2009

Figure 1: The workflow of a rapid control prototyping process Figure 2: Photo of the hardware