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Mobile Low-Cost Accelerometer-Module

Severin Wiesmüller


To record the loads on vehicle parts during driving many methods come into consideration. Most practical method for the existing situation is to record the accelerations on the vehicle shafts. A mobile low-cost accelerometer-module has been created to realize this recording.

The accelerometer-module consists again of 4 single modules:

  • The ATmega8 module with its microcontroller is in charge of the entire control. Moreover the analog/digital-converter of the microcontroller read in the output voltage of the acceleration sensor.
  • On the sensor module is a low priced acceleration sensor, the ADXL330. It provides three voltages which are proportional to the accelerations in the major axes.
  • The battery module provides the mobile power supply.
  • The Bluetooth module guarantees a mobile data transfer up to 20m range.

The designed module fulfills the defined requirements very well:

  • With a resolution of 0,1345 m/s² and a guaranteed linear measurement result in the range of ± 3 g the loads can be recognized adequate.
  • Due to the Bluetooth data transfer and the battery module a satisfying degree of mobility can be warranted.
  • Based on the usage of standard units a very pleasant price could be reached. The costs for one module are at around EUR 55,--.

Keywords: accelerometer, acceleration sensor, bluetooth, BTM-222

January 18, 2010

Figure 1: General view on the finished accelerometermodule