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Bachelor Theses.

Room climate station

Felix Kubinger

The objective of this bachelor thesis is to build a measurement device based on a Raspberry Pi. The device shall measure the temperature, the relative humiditiy and the concentration of carbon dioxid in the room air. The measured data shall be visualized on an E-Ink display and the device shall give a plug & play support.

The room climate station was realized as a circuit board. The circuit board in the middle was build autonomously, carrying the sensors and related electronics. The room climate station validates the quality of the room air by simple traffic lights. When the red light is on, you should ventilate the room. Furthermore the room climate station is able to visualize the trend of measured values directly by key click.

The results of the measurements display reveals several interesting facts about room climate. First of all, a tilted window is no guarantee for a good indoor air quality. Furthermore, cross-ventilation is much more effective than shock-ventilation. Finally, an air exchange could be demonstrated even though the windows and doors were closed.

Keywords: indoor climate, temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, logging

July 13th, 2018

Figure 1: This figure shows the room climate station in front view. Figure 2: This figure shows the room climate station in back. The circuit board carries the carbon dioxide sensor (golden component) and the temperature and humidity sensor (white component). Two LED’s give instant feedback about room air quality.