Master Theses.

Finished Master and Diploma Theses



Title Author Publication
Characterisation of Scalings in Pipes by Analyzing Shell Vibrations Ernst Blecha September 2019


Title Author Publication

Measuring instrument for ultrasonic flow measurement in gases and liquids

Bernhard Uhl October 2018
Measurement devices for characterization of inkjet-printed structures Richard Gstöttenmayr September 2018

Setup and Characterization of a Faraday magnetometer

Sebastian Michlmayr July 2018

Measurement system for capturing object geometries using laser-light-section

David Auzinger May 2018

Development of a capacitive measuring system for recording movements of a fingertip

Thomas Altmanninger May 2018

Measurement setup for interferometric sound field measurement with tomographic reconstruction

Kurt Thaller April 2018

Faraday Magnetometer

Johannes Egger Jänner 2018


Title Author Publication

​​​​​​​Development of a capacitive measuring system for 3D positioning of objects

Simon Wasserthal July 2017

Evaluating Electroactive Polymer Actuators for the use in a seat cushion

Kevin Alexander Stevenson April 2017

Measuring Machine for Mechanical Properties of Garments

Lukas Pfarr April 2017

Low-cost communication over low-voltage power supply lines

Oliver Oberleitner February 2017

Stress induced birefringence spectroscopy

Stefan Schallmeiner February 2017



Title Author Publication

Flexible ink-jet printed 2D strain gauge sensor

Robert Wallner December 2016

An Optical Method to Measure the Bending Stiffness of Fabrics

Christian Indra

August 2016

Characterisation of the heat transfer for forced cooling

Andreas Mittermair

July 2016

Time-resolved measurements at a magneto-tomographic demonstrator

Birgit Pühringer April 2016

Development of a digital signalprocessingsystem based on the microcontrollerboard STM32F4DISCOVERY

Stefan Zotter

February 2016


Title Author Publication

Measuring the magnetic field distribution above semiconductors for fault detection on wirebonds

Thomas Posch Dezember 2015

Measurement Method for Optical Profilometry

Jochen Oberreiter Oktober 2015

Development of an Acoustic Microscope for the Characterization of the Degradation of Semiconductors

Silvester Alexander Sadjina Februar 2015


Title Author Publication

System and failure analysis for a continuous casting mold electroplating facility

Jürgen JOSEF

November 2014

Measuring system for the visualization of magnetic fields

Johannes Wöß

Oktober 2014

Implementation of signal processing algorithms on graphics cards

Michael Hofer

Juni 2014