Master Theses.

Development of a digital signalprocessingsystem based on the microcontrollerboard STM32F4DISCOVERY

Stefan Zotter

Digital signal processing is a big part of modern engineering and is indispensable in measurement and control technology. Its task is to store, transmit and transform digital signals. Usually, this is handled by a so called digital signal processor or a suitable microprocessor. Additionally, a memory module and in- and output modules, (e.g., analog-to-digital- and digital-to-analog-converters) are required.

The aim of the thesis is the development and construction of a signal analysis module (SAM).
The SAM is designed to fulfill the requirements of the lab course ''Digitale Signalverarbeitung Praktikum''. It comprises analog circuits, for converting signal levels, a microcontroller-board and several input and output connectors. Additionaly, several analog lowpass-filters have been designed. The filters are used as anti-aliasing and anti-imaging filters.

Figure 1: The developed signal analysis module

Subsequently, the influence of the developed analog circuits on key parameters of the analog-to-digital- and digital-to-analog-converters
(e.g., DC offset error, DC gain error, integral non linearity, etc.) were analyzed. Finally a software template has been written.

Keywords: digital signal processing, signal analysis module, microcontroller

February 2nd, 2016