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Master Theses.

Measurement devices for characterization of inkjetprinted structures

Richard Gstöttenmayr

While printed electronics has been employed in mass production technologies for quite some time, it is now finding its way to rapid prototyping. Due to the use of ”off the shelf”-equipment and devices some requirements concerning reproducibility are heightened.

The Institute for Measurement Technology researches processes for printing functional materials. Special measurement devices are needed, and were developed in this thesis, to quantify and characterize printed strucutres. In this thesis different characteristics of printed electronics like the resistance, temperature dependency or robustness are discussed. Concepts for efficient measurement of the resistance were developed.



These concepts and the developed devices are used to compare specimen that are printed using silver nanoparticle ink and post processed in different ways.
Figure 1 shows one of the created devices for simultaneously measuring the resistance of eight different samples.

Keywords: resistance measurement, sheet resistance, printed electronics, silver nano particles

September 6th, 2018

Figure 1: Device for measuring electrical resistance with inserted testsheet.