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Documentation of the Seminar Interdisciplinary Business Project WS2021/22

The Fronius International student group takes you on their semester journey towards successfully managing their task.

[Translate to Englisch:] Rollercoster

The SE Interdisciplinary Business Project (IBP) is a capstone seminar within the master program ‘Management’. The seminar is a cooperative teaching format of the Institute for Retailing, Sales and Marketing, the Institute for Strategic Management, and the Institute for International Management. Four cooperation partners (voestalpine Steel Division, Fronius International, Greiner AG and KEBA AG) participated in the seminar.


Each student group had to document the seminar from their own point of view. Have a look at their authentic video, in which the group describes their semester journey as a rollercoaster ride. The documentation shows that the ups and downs during the semester, led to many lessons learned for the students. We are proud of the good work of our students, well done!