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Mockingbird or Crow!

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Last week, Ernst Gittenberger and Christoph Teller presented the latest empirical results on the retail economy, consumer sentiment, gift spending and the situation in the Austrian retail sector in general at the conference of the Salzburg Chamber of Commerce. The message was clear - the situation is far from ideal, but the hope for a conciliatory Christmas business or quarterly closing is alive.

Our institute picks up on pressure points of the trade in a timely manner and surveys changes in the consumer market in the long term. In this way, we take the lead with open-ended market, motive and marketing research - we tell it like it is, independently and unvarnished. We believe that university should not only work in the quiet and protected closet, but should be present on the pulse of time and right on the (business) front. Yes, we don't do what everyone else does (Mockingbird), we are different and sometimes uncomfortable (Crow). And that's a good thing!