Special Issue: Security and Safety in Cyber-Physical Systems.

The design of modern Cyber-Physical Systems (CPSs) comprises systems of systems that, in turn, include heterogeneous components as subsystems. Manufacturers of such systems have to address several networking, dynamic and uncertain environmental constraints. CPSs are often safety-critical, i.e., any malfunctioning of the system may seriously harm its user. However, the involved communicating peripherals also necessitate the consideration of security issues, so that the proper functioning of a CPS is not affected by cybersecurity threats.
The engineering of a CPS requires high safety integrity levels and strong assurances for their fitness for public use against safety hazards and cybersecurity threats. Considering safety and security requirements in the design of CPSs increases their reliability, confidentiality, integrity and availability. This also ensures the continuous provision and protection of essential services and assets. However, contemporary systems and software engineering methods and approaches are often not adequate for the high-confidence design and manufacturing of CPSs.

Paper submission deadline: January 15, 2019

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