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Institute for Symbolic Artificial Intelligence
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Our Team.

Head of Institute

Name Room Phone E-Mail
Univ.-Prof.in Dr.in Martina Seidl SP4 0341 5750 martina.seidl(at)jku.at

Scientific Staff

Name Room Phone E-Mail
DI Simone Heisinger SP4 0303 5756 simone.atzwanger(at)jku.at
DI Maximilian Heisinger SP4 0303 5755 maximilian.heisinger(at)jku.at
DI Andreas Plank SP4 0303 5759 andreas.plank(at)jku.at
Dr. Adrian Rebola-Pardo SP4 0303 5757 adrian.rebola_pardo(at)jku.at
Ankit Shukla, MSc SP4 0303 5751 ankit.shukla(at)jku.at
Emily Yu, M.Engl. SP4 0303 5751 zhengqi.yu(at)jku.at

Student Researcher

Name Room


Mark Peyrer SP04 0303 mark.peyrer(at)jku.at
Johannes Renner SP04 0343 johannes.renner(at)jku.at
Marcel Simader SP04 0343 marcel.simader(at)jku.at



Name Raum Phone E-Mail
Katharina Süß, MA SP4 0342 5751 sai(at)jku.at

Technical Staff

Name Room Phone E-Mail
Daniel Mehrwald SP4 0342 5754 daniel.mehrwald(at)jku.at