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Web/Software Accessibility

Accessible Software and Web Design

Digital Technology and the Digital Revolution offers an enormous potential for people with disabilities, the ageing population and many others in diverse situations. The flexibility and adaptability of the HCI allows a personalised access as the base for digital inclusion.
This potential can only be exploited if Accessibility Requirements (Web/Software Accessibility guidelines and standards) are respected in the design, engineering and development process. Due to the growing importances such standards are requested by more and more legislations.
In this lecture we will look in Web/Software accessibility based on up to date requirements and standards and how to best integrate them into the Software/Web Engineering process to make the result

  • perceivable
  • operable
  • understandable
  • robust

for all users including those with disabilities using Assistive Technology. We will apply the knowledge gained in small code examples (HTML/CSS, Java) to develop the basic skills needed for everyday practice.