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Digital Readiness of Vocational Educational Institutions in an Inclusive Environment

Co-financed by Erasmus+, European Union

Period: 01/2022 - 12/2023


The COVID19 pandemic has highlighted that a significant number of learners and teachers are not prepared for successful, accessible and balanced distance learning. This leads to a multitude of problems that need to be urgently addressed:

1) At the administrative level of each school, to facilitate the process of digital preparation.

2) At the methodological level, where teachers lack digital skills.

3) At the level of learners, who are used to using technology, but where families are not able to respond to their needs (access to computers, internet).

Solving these problems with a special focus on accessibility are the aims of the project:

1) To produce a DIG-i-READY catalogue of good practices with a special focus on solutions.

2) Development of a DIG-i-READY manual with carefully developed indicators of digital literacy and guidelines for "digital transformation", a collection of inclusive digital tools and a recommendation for systemic change towards a "new and inclusive normal".


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