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Flex Picture eBook

A Tailor-Made Book!

The Concept

  • Create a young adult book template with readability and comprehension parameters for both the text and illustrations (which can be autonomously customized by the user).
  • Respond to the needs of young people who have visual, cognitive, mental, and motor disabilities and who cannot access the thousands of annually published books.

The Illustrations - A Catalyst or a Roadblock Preventing Curiosity

  • In general, an album's illustrations stimulate the child's curiosity because of their appealing and visceral dimension, facilitating the process of learning to read, understanding what is written, and analyzing the image
  • If, however, accessing texts and illustrations is an excessive cognitive effort for the child, the enjoyment disappears and this can result in learning delays

Read the Same Book at the Same Time

  • the young adult album is a preferred tool for teaching preschoolers and young readers
  • the main goal is to encourage all of the children in the class to read the same book, at the same time
  • The project aims to give children equal access to reading and help establish a common culture among all of the children by means of the young adult album


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