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Flex Picture eBook

A Tailor-Made Book!

The Concept

  • Creation of a youth e-book template whose readability and comprehension paramenters for tex and illustrations will be customizable by the child in complete autonomy.
  • Be as close as possible to the needs of children with visual, cognitive, mental and motor impairments who cannot access the thousands of youth albums that appear each year

Accelerator or Brake on Curiosity

  • In general, because of their attractive and intuitive dimension, the illustrations of an album are an accelerator of curiosity for the child thus facilitating the learning of reading, the unterstanding of the written, but also the analysis of the image
  • iI, conversely, access to text and illustrations involves too much cognitive effort for the child, the pleasure disappears and delays in learning may appear

Read the Same Book at the Same Time

  • the youth album is one of the tools favoured by teachers among prelaters and young readers
  • the priority is to allow all children in the same class to follow the same book at the same time
  • the purpose of the project is the search for equity between children in access to reading, and to participate through the youth album in the construction of a common culture among all these children


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