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Institute of Analytical and General Chemistry
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Infrastructure for metabolomics research and medicinal chemistry (INTERREG V-A AT-CZ).

The project Infrastructure for Metabolomics Research and Medicinal Chemistry (INTERREG VA AT-CZ) is a joint project of the Institute for Analytical Chemistry at JKU and the Biology Center of the Czech Academy of Sciences in České Budějovice and is funded by the European Union as part of the Interreg program . The aim of the project is to establish two centers for metabolomics research and medically relevant analytical topics in Linz and České Budějovice in cooperation with the strategic partners (hospitals and university institutes in Austria and the Czech Republic). Thanks to EU funding, the latest generations of instrumentation for high-performance analytical separation technique coupled with high-resolution mass spectrometry are now available. At the Institute for Analytical Chemistry at the JKU, research on the subject of the analysis of lipids in biologically relevant fluids (lipidomics) is already taking place in the context of this project in order to be able to clarify possible correlations with certain clinical pictures. Furthermore, method development for the determination of drugs in cerebrospinal fluid, spinal fluid and serum is carried out at the JKU. In the latter case, the focus is on the distribution of intravenously administered drugs in the body or the determination of the proportion that crosses the blood-brain barrier.

Institute of Analytical and General Chemistry


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