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Institute of Analytical and General Chemistry
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Chemical Calculations.

Chemical Calculations


winter semester, summer semester


english, german




KV - combined lecture with exercises (compulsory attendance)

Field of studies

Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Biological Chemistry, Naturwissenschaftliche Grundlagen der Technik (NaWi-Tec)


This course intends to provide students with basic skills in the field of chemical calculations. This includes, among other things, the balancing of reaction equations, working with different types of chemical compositions as well as the discussion of chemical reactions with regard to conversion, yield and energy conversion. The second part of the course deals with chemical equilibria. The focus is on calculations in connection with solubility and pH calculations as well as calculations on the subject of coupled equilibria.


Units & quantities, chemical composition, gas laws & ideal gas equation, chemical reactions, stoichiometry, elemental analysis, balancing chemical equations, limiting reagent, conversion, yield, oxidation numbers and redox reactions, energy conversion in chemical reactions, Lewis structures, chemical equilibrium, solubility product, acids and bases – pH value


Introduction to General Chemistry

Überblick Chemie I, Überblick Chemie II