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Institute of Analytical and General Chemistry
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Introductory Lab Course.


Introductory Lab Course


winter semester


english, german


Chemical Laboratory Safety


PR - Practical course (compulsory attendance)  

Field of studies

Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Biological Chemistry, Naturwissenschaftliche Grundlagen der Technik (NaWi-Tec – only in elective modul „General Chemistry and Polymer chemistry“)


In this practical course, first experiences are gained in the laboratory. Basic laboratory techniques from pipetting, weighing in and the preparation of solutions to various separation techniques are learned. First analysis methods are also carried out. In addition, selected concepts that are already known from the lecture will be investigated experimentally.


Fundamental laboratory techniques, Preparation of solutions, Separation techniques: Distillation, Filtration, Extraction; Refractive index, Melting point; Acids and Bases, Redox reactions, Catalysis


Introduction to General Chemistry, Chemical Calculations