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General Chemistry Quiz 2022

An amusing conclusion of the courses from the field of General Chemistry.

Group picture

On June 3, 2022 – now for the third time and for the first time in presence – the General Chemistry Quiz took place as the conclusion of the courses in the field of General Chemistry.
And so, on that Friday evening, all participants of the General Chemistry Lab who were willing to take up the challenge met at the JKU – not knowing what was in store for them.
A total of 5 teams fought for victory over 10 rounds and gave their last to answer the more than 100 questions with and without chemistry reference. The exciting neck-and-neck race between the groups "BH-Wert" and the "Anonymous Ethanolics" could only be decided in the last round.
We congratulate the "Anonymous Ethanolics" on their victory!

And this is what our winning team had to say about the quiz:

“I am overjoyed to have won this year's General Chemistry Lab Quiz with the anonymous ethanolics. While we prefer to keep our sinful drinking private, we don't do the same with our team spirit.

Congratulations to all the other teams too! They fought bravely, that must be said by the way, but it was only with exactly the right mix of friendship, skills, ambition (and of course some ethanol) that we were able to be this year’s winners.

A huge thank you also goes out to all the people who were responsible for this phenomenally fantastic Friday evening and spared no effort for numerous brain nourishment. So, thank you very much, because without you, we would never have had this opportunity.

- The anonymous ethanolics“

Award ceremony