Excimer Lasers, Solid state Lasers, Ion Lasers, Dye Lasers

KrF, ArF, F2
Femtosecond Ti:Sapphire (amplifier and OPO), nanosecond Nd:YAG (fundamental and higher harmonics), Fiber (white-light laser)

STED Lithography

2D, 3D and Dark field optical microscopy

Pulsed-laser deposition of thin films, Ion beam patterning

Reaction chambers for PLD of multicomponent oxide thin films, facilities for fabrication of ceramics used as targets for ablation.
Ion implanter at ZONA (High Voltage Engineering, NL), energy 20-400 keV, beam current density 1-500 nA/cm2, practical dose range 1010 -1017 ions/cm2, universal ion source for production of ion beams of most elements from gaseous or solid materials, universal target chamber for ion implantation at temperatures from 10 K to 300 K

X-ray diffraction

three-circle XRD system

Atomic force microscopy

Facility for characterising superconductors

cryostats for zero-field electrical transport measurements (from 4 to 300 K)



UV-VIS Spectrometers, IR Spectrometers, Monochromators

Facilities for thermal and electron beam evaporation, Sputtering

Laser cutting and micro-patterning

facilities for dicing of bulk materials and micro-patterning of thin films (laser direct writing)

Facilities for UV photolithography and chemical etching

Further facilities are available at ZONA.