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Institute of Applied Physics
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Head of the Institute

Deputy Head of the Institute

Scientific Staff

name room phone e-mail
Dr. Monalisa Garai T 905 9405 monalisa.garai@jku.at


name room phone e-mail office hours
Andrea Lang, opens in new window T 908 9400 andrea.lang@jku.at MON, WED and FRI morning
TUE and THU afternoon
Sandra Pehn, opens in new window T 908 9400 sandra.pehn@jku.at MON and WED afternoon
TUE and THU morning

Doctoral Students

name room phone e-mail
DI Sebastian Diethör T 914 9409 sebastian.diethoer@jku.at
DI Peter Fosodeder     peter.fosodeder@jku.at
Nikolaos Giannakaris MSc T 910 9408 nikolaos.giannakaris@jku.at
DI Stefan Grünberger, opens in new window T 954 9415 stefan.gruenberger@jku.at
Georgii Gvindzhiliia MSc T 937 9411 georgii.gvindzhiliia@jku.at
DI Josef Hofstadler     josef.hofstadler@jku.at
Sourav Islam MSc T 937 9411 sourav.islam@jku.at
DI Sandra Keppert T 948 9417 sandra.keppert@jku.at
DI Martina Muck T 948 9417 martina.muck@jku.at
Cristina Plamadeala MSc T 914 9409 cristina.plamadeala@jku.at
Hannes Pöhl MSc T 948 9417 hannes.poehl@jku.at
DI Reza Sharif     reza.sharif@jku.at
DI Bernhard Steinhauser T 948 9417 bernhard.steinhauser@jku.at

Master Students

name room phone e-mail
Gustav Gürtler T 910 9408  
Valentin Ehrentraut T 954 9414  
Clemens Schwaiger T 937 9411  
Cornelia Schöller T 914 9409  
Pamela Gattringer T 937 9411  

Bachelor Students

name room phone e-mail
Thomas Oberleitner T 948 9417  
Thomas Bamer T 948 9417  
Ing. Herwig Unterfurtner, MBA T 906 9407