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Spasers with retardation and gain saturation: electrodynamic description of fields and optical cross-sections
N. Arnold, K. Piglmayer, A.V. Kildishev, T.A. Klar
Optical Materials Express Vol. 5 (11), 2546-2577 (2015), opens an external URL in a new window

Novel Nano- and Micro-Processing by Photo-Activation of Methylene Iodide Precursor
A. Rashid, L. Landström, K. Piglmayer
ECS Transactions, Vol. 25, 65 (2010)

Lamp-assisted CVD of carbon micro/nano-structures using metal catalysts and CH2I2 precursor
A. Rashid, L. Landström, D. Brodoceanu, K. Piglmayer
Appl.Surf.Sc. 255 (2009) 5368

Excimer-Laser Surface Processing in CH2I2 Atmospheres: Simultaneous Localized Etching of Si and Deposition of C
A. Rashid, L. Landström, K. Piglmayer
J.El.Chem.Soc. 156 (2009) D113

Photothermal CVD of Carbon Thin Films using CH2I2 as the Precursor
A. Rashid, L. Landström, M. Ottosson, K. Piglmayer
Chem.Vap.Depos. 14 (2008) 279

Laser Cleaning and Surface Modifications: Applications in Nano- and Biotechnology
D. Bäuerle, T. Gumpenberger, D. Brodoceanu, K. Piglmayer, J. Kofler, J. Heitz, G. Langer,
Laser Cleaning II, ed. by Deborah M. Kane, World Scientific Publ. (2007) 1

Extraordinary Optical Transmission through Metal-coated Colloidal Monolayers
D. Bäuerle, K. Piglmayer, D. Brodoceanu, L. Landström
Appl. Phys. A. 84 (2006) 373

Photonic properties of silicon-coated monolayers of colloidal silica microspheres
L. Landström, N. Arnold, D. Brodoceanu, K. Piglmayer, D. Bäuerle
Appl. Phys. A 83, 271-275 (2006)

Infrared Transmission through Metal-coated Lattices of Microspheres
L. Landström, D. Brodoceanu, K. Piglmayer, G. Langer, D. Bäuerle
Appl.Phys. A 81 (2005) 15

Laser-processing with Colloidal Monolayers
D. Bäuerle, L. Landström, J. Kofler, N. Arnold, K. Piglmayer
Proc. SPIE 5339 (2004) 20

Formation of Complex Tungsten-Silica Microstructures by Ar+ Laser Processing
Z. Toth, K. Piglmayer
Electrochemical & Solid State Letters 7 (2004) C133

Single-step Patterning and the Fabrication of Contact Masks by Laser-induced Forward Transfer
L. Landström, J. Klimstein, G. Schrems, K. Piglmayer, D. Bäuerle
Appl.Phys. A78 (2004) 537

Laser-induced Single Step Micro/Nanopattening
D. Bäuerle, G. Wysocki, L. Landström, J. Klimstein, K. Piglmayer, J. Heitz
Proc. SPIE 5063 (2003) 8

Perspectives of laser processing and chemistry
D. Bäuerle, R. Denk, J.D. Pedarnig, K. Piglmayer, J. Heitz, G. Schrems
Appl. Phys. A 77, 203-207 (2003)

Single-step fabrication of silicon-cone arrays
G. Wysocki, R. Denk, K. Piglmayer, N. Arnold, D. Bäuerle
Appl. Phys. Lett. 82, 692-693 (2003)

Laser-induced Etching and Deposition of W using a-SiO2 microspheres
R. Denk, K. Piglmayer, D. Bäuerle
Appl. Phys. A 76 (2003) 549

Laser-induced Nano-patterning by means of Interference Subpatterns Generated by Microspheres
R. Denk, K. Piglmayer, D. Bäuerle
Appl. Phys. A 76 (2003) 1

Laser-induced Etching of Tungsten and Fused Silica in WF6
Z. Toth, M. Bereznai, K. Piglmayer
Appl. Surf. Sc. 208 (2003) 205