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Institute of Applied Statistics
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Research Seminar Applied Statistics

Mai 12th - S3 047 - Prof. Dr. Werner Brannath, University Bremen: A liberal type I error rate for studies in precision medicine
(joint work with Charlie Hillner and Kornelius Rohmeyer)

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meeting ID: 937 6054 7545

password: 946296

Abstract: We introduce a new multiple type I error criterion for clinical trials with multiple populations. Such trials are of interest in precision medicine where the goal is to develop treatments that are targeted to specific sub-populations defined by genetic and/or clinical biomarkers. The new criterion is based on the observation that not all type I errors are relevant to all patients in the overall population. If disjoint sub-populations are considered, no multiplicity adjustment appears necessary, since a claim in one sub-population does not affect patients in the other ones. For intersecting sub-populations we suggest to control the average multiple type error rate, i.e. the probably that a randomly selected patient will be exposed to an inefficient treatment. We call this the population-wise error rate, exemplify it by a number of examples and illustrate how to control it with an adjustment of critical boundaries or adjusted p-values. We furthermore define corresponding simultaneous confidence intervals. We finally illustrate the power gain achieved by passing from family-wise to population-wise error rate control with two simple examples and a recently suggest multiple testing approach for umbrella trials.


Time & date

May 12, 2022

16:30 - 18:00 PM

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S3 047, Science Park 3