Bachelor's Thesis

Bachelor's Thesis are written in the course Seminar aus Statistik

Members of the IFAS with Phd. supervise Bachelor and Master theses in Statistics , preferably in the following areas and serve as examiners for the Master’s examination:


Nonparametric Statistics


Modelling of High-Dimensional Data, Approximative Inference, Biostatistics and Modelling of Genomic Data


Computational Statistics, Bayes Statistics, Supervised Learning


Experimental Design, Econometrics, Spatial Statistics


Survey Statistics and related topics


Risk Management, Experimental Design, Pension Systems


Time-Series Analysis, Analysis of Longitudinal Data, Survival Analysis, Bayes-Statistics, Medical Statistics


(Generalized) Linear Models, Factor Analysis

Currently the following topics for Bachelor theses are offered for supervision:


• Nonparametric Permutation Tests
• Nonparametric Tests for Umbrella Alternatives
• Digital Learning: Basic Statistics
• Digital Learning: Nonparametric Statistics


• Effects of Violation of Model Assumptions on Statistical Methods
• Theory of Probability in Pictures: Visualisation of Important Results of Probability Theory

• Simulation Study for the Estimation of Conditional Expectations of Parameters in Nonlinear Mixed Models using Regression Methods

• Estimation of conditional expectations with the R-package caret

• Comparison of methods for conditional density estimation


• The Variance of the Sample Median
• Estimation of COVid-19 prevalence by means of Approximate Bayesian Computation

• Machine Learning using OfficeCalc

• Counterexamples to the Lindeberg-Lévy theorem


• Randomized Response Techniques for Quatitative Variables

• The Item Count Technique for Sensitive Variables

• Statistical Significance Testing: History, logic of action, and problems

• Corona statistics - statistical methods in the corona pandemic


• Modelling and prediction of the spread of the coronavirus disease 2019

• Financial risk management and pension systems

• Intelligent neural networks

• Time series modelling by neural networks

• Statistical modelling of ecological problems

• Statistics in medicine


• analysis of income of mothers after maternity leave

• Statistical analysis of FMRI data
• Analysis of compositional data


• Confirmatory Factor Analysis and Structural Equation Modelling

• Bias-Variance-trade-off in general linear models

• Double Generalized Linear Models


The collection of completed Bachelor's thesis can be found here:

Information regarding the Bachelor's Thesis can be found here. The template for the layout of the Bachelor's Thesis can be found below.