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Abgeschlossene Dissertationen

Finished PhD Theses

Anastasiia Galkina (2018)
Combination of Flatness and Model Predictive Control for Mechatronical Applications

Hubert Rams (2018)
Contributions to the Analysis and Control of Higher-Order Infinite-Dimensional Systems

Bernd Kolar (2016)
Contributions to the Differential Geometric Analysis and Control of Flat Systems

Harald Daxberger (2014)
Modelling and Control of Non-Newtonian Injection and Filling Processes

Thomas Rittenschober (2013)
Design and Control of Piezoelastic Structures

Andreas Siuka (2011)
Geometry, Modelling and Control of Infinite Dimensional Port-Hamiltonian Systems, opens a file

Martin Staudecker (2010)
Regelung einer elastischen mechanischen Struktur am Beispiel eines Regalbediengeräts für Hochregallager

Karl Rieger (2008)
Analysis and Control of Infinite-Dimensional Systems - A Geometric and Functional-Analytic Approach

Richard Stadlmayr (2008)
On a Combination of Feedforward and Feedback Control for Mechatronic Systems 

Hannes Seyrkammer (2007)
Modellbildung und Strategien zur Regelung eines aufgeladenen Dieselmotors mit Abgasrückführung und variabler Turboladergeometrie

Markus Schöberl (2007)
Geometry and Control of Mechanical Systems - An Eulerian, Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Approach, opens a file

Helmut Ennsbrunner (2006)
Infinite-dimensional Euler-Lagrange and Port Hamiltonian Systems, opens a file

Stefan Fuchshumer (2005)
Algebraic Linear Identification, Modelling, and Applications of Flatness-based Control

Gernot Grabmair (2005)
Port Hamiltonian Description and Control of Hydraulic Mechanical Systems

Johann Holl (2005)
On the Geometry of Implicit Discrete-Time Dynamic Systems - Analysis and Nonlinear Control

Kurt Zehetleitner (2005)
A Geometric Approach to Equivalence Problems for Implicit Dynamic Systems

Bernhard Eitzinger (2002)
Parameter Identification for Nonlinear Dynamical Systems

Rainer Novak (2001)
Analysis and Nonlinear Control of Hydraulic Systems in Rolling Mills

Mathias Meusburger (2000)
Pegelregelung einer grossen Wasserkraftanlage

Jürgen Kurt Weinhofer (1996)
Reglerentwurf für Mehrgroessensysteme mittels Polynommatrizen und Intervallarithmetik

Wilhelm Fuchs (1996)
Regelung starr-elastischer Mehrkoerpersysteme

Werner Haas (1995)
H2- Entwurf für Mehrgroessensysteme im Frequenzbereich

Andreas Kugi (1995)
Nichtlineare Regelung elektrischer Systeme