Research Fields

Research Fields of the Institute

Research interests and expertise of the staff members span the areas of (alphabetically):

  • Algebraic methods for nonlinear systems
    • Control and Analysis of Physical Systems
    • Analysis of flatness
  • Geometric methods for nonlinear systems
    • Geometric analysis of flatness
    • Nonlinear Control and Analysis of Physical Systems
  • Application of computer algebra for modelling and controller design
  • Computer aided control design based on interval arithmetic
  • System Theory, Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Field Theory
  • Controller design in the frequency domain
  • Modelling and control of technical processes
  • Covariant System Description especially in Mechanics and Electromagnetism
  • Optimization methods for linear and nonlinear control systems and the application of these methodologies to (alphabetically):
    • AC-machines
    • Electromechanical systems
    • Electromagnetic systems
    • Engine control
    • Hydraulic systems
    • Injection moulding machines
    • Piezoelectric systems
    • Steel industry