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Institute of Biomedical Mechatronics
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Bachelor/Master Theses.

The Institute of Biomedical Mechatronics offers a pool of subjects for academic works!

In accordance with the respective supervising tutor these subjects can be treated of for Bachelor-, Master- or Diplomaworks.

Please contact us any time to talk about your thesis proposal!

Ongoing Theses

Title Author Type
Sensor-based lung cancer detection in exhaled air Clemens Ornetzeder Master Thesis

LUDI 2.0 – Entwicklung eines Gerätes zur Lungendiagnostik 2.0

Rzgar Karim Master Thesis
Analysing and simulating the Fluid Structure Interaction of a Left Ventricle Model Burcu Taspinar Master Thesis

Model and control of shear stress on endothelial cells

Maximilian Partl Master Thesis

Finished Theses

Title Author Type
A novel device for eliminating cancer cells in blood specimen Johannes Stroh Master Thesis
Tensile force measurement of spider silk David Mayrhofer Master Thesis
Impact of different flow conditions on murine endothelial cell von Willebrand factor generation Anna Madlmayr Master Thesis
Entwicklung eines automatisierten, portablen Messsystems zur elektrochemischen Detektion von Escherichia coli im Trinkwasser Sandra Thaller Master Thesis
All-metal replicas of biological (and technical) surfaces - A deeper look into the verfication of the method Mirjana Keser Master Thesis

Entwicklung eines neuartigen Geräts zur Lungendiagnostik

Gerald Sindhuber Master Thesis

Bio Sonar Inspired Interference Avoidance and Mitigation for Automotive Radar Applications

Thomas Fritz Master Thesis

Passiver Abtransport von Kondensat an Wärmetauscherlamellen

mittels biologisch inspirierter Oberflächenstrukturierung

Sebastian Lifka Master Thesis
Thermofluidic and Hydroparticulate Flow in Biological and Biomimetic Systems Anna Theresia Stadler Doctoral Thesis
Simulation und Verifikation von gerichtetem, passivem Flüssigkeitstransport Lisa Sonnleithner Master Thesis
An optical flow measurement principle for lung function testing Markus Höglinger Master Thesis
Insulated Electromyography for Myoelectric Prostesis Control Theresa Roland Doctoral Thesis
Bio-inspired flow sensor and its application in spirometry Bianca Wiesmayr Master Thesis
Klassifizierung von Handbewegungen mithilfe kapazitiv gekoppelter Elektromyographie Thomas Grubmüller Master Thesis
Bestimmung der Segmentgrenzen in Vielkanal-EKZ-Datensätzen zur nichtinvasiven Bildgebung der elektrischen Herzphysiologie Thomas Thurner Master Thesis

Development of a Low-cost and Filterless Device to study the Transition Region between Walking and Running in Terrestrial Surroundings

Nikolaus Doppelhammer

Master Thesis
Kapazitiv gekoppeltes EMG an den unteren Extremitäten Kerstin Wimberger Bachelor Thesis

Absorption Properties of Apis melliferta and Varroa destructor

in the RF Microwave Band

Christian Helmel Master Thesis
Design of Capacitive sensors for Myoelectric prostheses Manuel Schürz Master Thesis

Entwicklung eines Messsystems zur Untersuchung

mechanischer Eigenschaften adhärenter Zellen

Michaela Huemer Master Thesis

Optimization of Electric Field Sensors for the

Control of Myoelectric Handprostheses

Theresa Roland Master Thesis