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Financial education and learning financial management skills have become very important during the past few years. The World has been affected by the economic crisis and indebtedness on individual and national levels has risen.  In 2008 the European Commission expressed the need to increase the level of financial literacy of the EU population and declared Financial Education as a necessary part of the process of lifelong learning.

The FLY project was created to raise awareness of risks that come with poor personal financial management and to increase financial literacy. Financial misbehaviour may affect all sections of citizens, so the FLY project has been addressed to several target groups –including students enrolled in secondary & higher education and adults.

The main output produced in the project is an innovative E-Learning Course on financial literacy. It serves as a key tool for spreading information and knowledge on financial literacy and personal financial management. The content and form of the E-Learning Course’s modules differs according to the three respective audiences/target groups.

The E-Learning Course is supported by an awareness-raising and information campaign which plays an important role in addressing the target groups.



Mag. Maria Mitterhauser