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IANES (Interactive Acquisition, Negotiation and Enactment of Subject-oriented Business Process Knowledge) addresses the requirement of in-situ process knowledge acquisition and alignment. The goal of the project is to provide a set of methods and tools, than enables the members of an organization to externalize, reflect, transfer and align their knowledge about individual work practices and interfaces to and with co-workers. Ultimately, people will be able to use the existing enactment module to support their individual work practices, dynamically adapt, revise and orchestrate them with others according to current needs. The combination of empowering individuals and local collaboration on an operative level together with maintaining a global view of given business goals and fundamental value creation chains enables organizations to more rapidly and effectively adapt to dynamically changing business environments.

IANES is partially founded by the European Union in the PEOPLE-IAPP action under FP7.

01.09.2011 - 31.10.2015

Dr. Dominik Wachholder, MSc MBA
Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Inf. Florian Strecker, MBA
Wirt.-Ing. (FH) Fritz Bastarz
Dr. Georg Weichhart
Ing. Mag. Harald Lerchner, MBA
Julia Marek, MBA
Mag. Maria Mitterhauser
Mag. Markus Radmayr
Mag. Harald Müller
Dr. Nancy Alexopoulou
Mag. Patrick Halek
Ricarda Vierlinger, BSc