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[EU FP7] SO-PC-Pro

As part of SO-PC-Pro ("Subject-Orientation for People-Centred Production"), methods and tools are being developed for the holistic design and management of workplaces in the environment of manufacturing companies. Manufacturing companies are viewed as socio-technical systems consisting of people, processes and machines that interact flexibly with each other. In the SO-PC-Pro project, the subject-oriented process modelling methodology is being used for the first time to model processes and interactions in manufacturing companies. Three main objectives are being pursued here: (1) Increasing the degree of freedom of workers by developing new human-machine interactions, (2) Enabling workers to redesign and improve their workplaces using intuitive design and collaboration tools, (3) Seamlessly integrating production and business processes to support the adaptability of workplaces.

01.10.2013 - 30.09.2017

Mag. Dr. Matthias Neubauer, MBA