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Enriching Navigation Structures in Online Learning Environments


The design of teaching and learning materials in online learning environments represents an essential quality attribute and success factor of E-learning offerings. Content itself and individual learning processes require a variety of facilities for content authoring and navigation, such as a thematic, task-based, associative, sequential or hierarchical organization of contents as well as the enrichment of contents with domain-specific and didactic elements.

In this thesis, the enrichment of navigational structures in online learning environments is investigated. In order to increase the visibility of domain structures in-use, related work is analyzed considering the nature of domain structures and their encoding in learning materials, the enrichment of navigation means with domain structures as well as concrete implementations. Beyond the implementation of a tool for the interactive manipulation of navigation structures and learning content is described. The implementation includes the design of a suitable representation as well as the user-interface design and implementation for interactive manipulation. Based on a theory-guided design and implementation, the approach and the tool are explored within the field of teaching business process modeling and the cross-sectoral transfer of design and evaluation methods. Besides the exploration, the potential is illustrated. The exploration of the approach contributes to the explication of domain knowledge and provides results on the applicability and usefulness of the given approach for teachers and authors of educational content.

Mag. Dr. Matthias Neubauer, MBA