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ECM for Semantic Relationships of Documents and Context-sensitive Data


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This diploma thesis concerns about optimizing workflows of a university institute by integration of software applications. The main goal is to unite the functionality of two separate applications into one application. With this solution general problems like redundancy and inconsistency among the applications could be solved.
At the beginning the actual state at the institute is determined and issues or improvements are identified. From these points, possible solutions are developed and selected. After that a specification of all requirements which are essential to implement the chosen solution proposal follows.
Several ECM-Software applications will be examined by a research and the appropriate application will be selected on the basis of an evaluation.
The requirements whose characteristics are not already included in the selected ECM- Software are specified in the design phase and prepared for implementation. There will also be held a technology exploration to understand the main concepts that are used for programming.

In the course of the implementation the specified requirements and functions are developed on the base of the existing application. A test suite is used to ensure a valid implementation. The closure describes the problems of the software introduction and the needed tools for an accurate use.

Bernhard Hirsch