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Institute of Business Informatics – Information Engineering
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Head of the Institute

Name Room Extension E-Mail
Univ.-Prof.in Dr.in Barbara Krumay, Bakk. MSc (WU) S3 0119-1 4301 barbara.krumay(at)jku.at
Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Stefan Koch S3 0133 4301 stefan.koch(at)jku.at


Faculty Members

Name Room Extension E-Mail
Simon Currle, MSc S3 0130 4308 simon.currle(at)jku.at
Andreas Hutterer, MBA, opens a file in a new window S3 0129 4315 andreas.hutterer(at)jku.at
Mag.a Dr.in Manuela Macedonia S3 0131 4311 manuela.macedonia(at)jku.at
Dr. Manuel Mühlburger, MSc S3 0125 4309 manuel.muehlburger(at)jku.at
Assoc. Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. René Riedl S3 0132 4312 rene.riedl(at)jku.at



Name Room Extension E-Mail
Karina Dorfer S3 0119-2 4300 karina.dorfer(at)jku.at


Technical Support

Name Room Extension E-Mail
Ing. Christian Höfler S3 0120 4306 christian.hoefler(at)jku.at



Name Room Extension E-Mail
Mag. Thomas Grasser S3 0125 4300 thomas.grasser(at)jku.at
Mag. Dr. Stefan Leonhard Grill MBA S3 0125 4300 stefan.grill(at)jku.at
Anja Gutmann, MSc S3 0125 4300 anja.gutmann(at)jku.at
Daniel Hasler, M.A., B.A. S3 0125 4300 daniel.hasler(at)jku.at
Mag. Roland Karlsböck S3 0125 4300 roland.karlsboeck(at)jku.at
Sabrina Karner, BSc S3 0125 4300 sabrina.karner(at)jku.at
Emanuel Langbauer, MSc S3 0125 4300 emanuel.langbauer(at)jku.at
Christian Mayrhofer, MSc S3 0125 4300 christian.mayrhofer(at)jku.at
DI (FH) Edith Mairhofer-Eder S3 0125 4300 office(at)ie.jku.at
Stefanie Mühlburger, MSc, LL.B. S3 0125 4300 office(at)ie.jku.at
Florian Mühlburger, MSc S3 0125 4300 florian.muehlburger(at)jku.at
Patrick Pils, MSc S3 0125 4300 patrick.pils(at)jku.at
Mag. Dr. David Rückel S3 0125 4300 david.rueckel(at)jku.at
Magdalena Schindl, MSc S3 0125 4300 magdalena.schindl(at)jku.at
Sabrina Schwarzgruber, MSc S3 0125 4300 sabrina.schwarzgruber(at)jku.at
Hon.-Prof. DI Mag. Dr. Hermann Sikora S3 0125 4300 office(at)ie.jku.at
Mag. Robert Zehetmayer S3 0125 4300 office(at)ie.jku.at


Student Teaching Assistants

Name Room Extension E-Mail
Linda Burgstaller S3 0133 4300 linda.burgstaller(at)jku.at
Marlene Feuchtinger S3 0133 4300 marlene.feuchtinger(at)jku.at



Name Room Extension E-mail
em.Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Friedrich Roithmayr S3 133 4300 friedrich.roithmayr(at)jku.at
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em. Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.rer.pol.habil Lutz J. Heinrich