Maksim Goman, MSc

Curriculum Vitae

Researcher at Johannes Kepler University

Master study: Research in computer and system engineering, TU Ilmenau, Germany

B.S. in Marketing, Belarussian state economic university (BSEU)
Specialization: Logistics, Qualification: Marekting economist

Diploma in Computer science, Belarussian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics (BSUIR), Information technologies and Control Department, Minsk, Belarus, diploma with honours, Specialization: systems analysis, information processing and control

Research interests

 IT-Strategy, IT-Audit and security; Probabilistic project evaluation techniques; Quantitative evaluation of technological risk; Decision support methods for management; IT effectiveness, costs and benefits of information systems; Stochastic network analysis and scheduling

Selected Publications

Goman M., Koch S.:
Aggregating Multidimensional Criteria in Audit Decision Making, in International Journal of Information Systems in the Service Sector (IJISSS), Vol. 13, Nr. 2, Seite(n) 51-64, 2021

Goman M., Koch S.:
Multiplicative Aggregation in Managerial Multi-attribute decision Making. IJMCDM (In Print), Inderscience 2021

Goman M., Pecerska J.:
Merge Event Bias in Project Evaluation Techniques - Problems and Directions: 61th International Scientific Conference on Information Technology and Management Science of Riga Technical University (ITMS), 2020

Goman M., Koch S.:
Multiplicative criteria aggregation technique for risk-based audit planning: Proceedings of WICTA’2019 - 6th edition of Special Interest Group on ICT for Auditing Workshop at CISTI'2019 - 14th Iberian Conference on Information Systems and Technologies, IEEE, 2019 (best paper award)

Goman M.:
Towards unambiguous IT risk definition: Proceedings of The second Central European Cybersecurity Conference, in CECC 2018, 2018