Verena Haunschmid

Research Interests

Interpretable/explainable machine learning


For a list of my publications please visit my Google Scholar Profile.

Invited Talks

Title: Explainable Models and Their Application to Music Emotion Recognition
Verena Haunschmid and Shreyan Chowdhury
ARI guest talk (16.10.2019)


  • WS2021 Artificial Intelligence
  • SS2021 Project in Networks and Security
  • WS2020 Artificial Intelligence
  • SS2020 Project in Networks and Security
  • SS2020 Seminar in Intelligent Information Systems
  • SS2020 Seminar in Data Science
  • WS2019 Artificial Intelligence
  • SS2019 Seminar in Pervasive Computing
  • WS2018 Artificial Intelligence