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Biometric Identification

Student projects in biometric identification

Decades ago, biometric identification methods were only used in special areas of application (forensics, access to high-security areas), but nowadays biometric identification is almost everywhere (just think about biometric passports). For us at CP, the whole variety of biometric traits (finger, face, iris, retina, hand, ear, voice, signature, gait, etc.) is of interest. 

These student projects can be started any time (including holidays) and can be span over semester boundaries.

Contact for these topics: Josef Scharinger

Remark: I am open for new proposals – if you are interested in biometric identification topics just contact me! 

Concrete topics I am interested in:

  • Retina Minutiae Extraction
  • Palmprint Recognition using CNNs
  • Fingerprint Orientation Estimation
  • Extracting Singularities from Fingerprints
  • Fingerprint Alignment
  • Fingerprint Indexing
  • Fingerprint Classification
  • Automatic Fingerprint Quality Assessment
  • Footprint Recognition
  • Gender Estimation from Face Images
  • Gait based Gender Recognition
  • Age Estimation from Face Images
  • Gait based Age Estimation
  • Expression Recognition in  Face Images
  • Pose Estimation in  Face Recognition
  • Face Detection
  • Face Alignment
  • Face Tracking
  • Face Detection using CNNs (Convolutional Neural Networks)
  • Face Recognition using ResNets
  • 3D Face Recognition
  • Multispectral Face Recognition
  • Automatic Quality Assessment of Iris Images
  • Iris Detection
  • Ear Detection
  • Hand Detection
  • Ear RecognitionSkin DetectionSilhouette Extraction for Gait Recognition
  • Force/Pressure based Gait Recognition
  • Speaker Diarization:“Who spoke when?“
  • Text dependent Speaker Recognition
  • Offline Signature Verification
  • Authentication by Keystroke Analysis 
  • Soft Biometrics
  • Perioculuar Biometrics
  • Personal Identification using Tatoos
  • Reconstruction of Images from Biometric Templates
  • Spoof Detection in Biometrics
  • Biometric Cryptosystems
  • Biometric Password Hardening
  • Cancelable Biometric Templates
  • Biometric Template Protection