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Student projects in Cryptography

Cryptography („secret writing“) is a science that provides essential methods for secure communication. To be more specific, cryptographic methods can ensure confidentiality, integrity, authentication and nonrepudiation when a sender transmits a message to a recipient. At CP we are interested in all relevant cryptographic concepts, algorithms and protocols to ensure these properties for secure communication

These student projects can be started any time (including holidays) and can be span over semester boundaries.

Contact for these topics: Josef Scharinger

Remark: I am open for new proposals – if you are interested in Cryptographic topics just contact me! 

Concrete topics I am interested in:

  • Quantum Resistant Cryptography
  • Cryptography for 5G Networks
  • JPEG Security and Privacy Protection
  • Lightweight Block Ciphers
  • Lightweight Stream Ciphers
  • Lightweight Hash Functions
  • Semantically Secure Cryptosystems
  • Identity-based Signatures
  • Identity-based Encryption
  • Attribute-based Encryption (ABE)
  • Attribute-based Credentials (ABC)
  • Pairing-based Cryptography
  • (Semi-)Homomorphic Encryption
  • Format-Preserving Encryption
  • Searchable Encryption
  • Tweakable Encryption
  • Broadcast Encryption
  • MQV: Menezes-Qu-Vanstone Key Agreement
  • Hash Trees (Merkle Trees, Tiger Trees) in Cryptography
  • Probabilistic Encryption
  • Privacy Enhancing Cryptography
  • Extendable-Output Functions (XOFs)
  • Deterministic Random Bit Generators (DRBGs
  • Non-deterministic Random Bit Generators
  • Password-strength Evaluation
  • Password Strengthening
  • Password Recovery
  • Password Hashing Algorithms
  • Key Derivation Functions
  • Secret-sharing Algorithms
  • Key Encapsulation Mechanisms (KEMs)
  • Zero-knowledge Protocols
  • Blind Signatures
  • Covert Channels
  • Anonymous Channels
  • Group Signatures
  • Oblivious Transfer
  • Plausible Deniability