Intelligent Music Processing

Student Projects in Intelligent Music Processing

Contacts (if not stated otherwise): Verena Haunschmid, Jan Schlüter

These student projects can be started any time (including holidays) and can span over semester boundaries.

Remark: We are open for new proposals - if you are interested in Intelligent Music Processing, feel free to contact us!


  • Real-time Score Following for Automatic Musical Accompaniment
  • Sound detection and segmentation in opera recordings
  • Source Separation
  • Emotion, Mood and Theme Recognition
  • Instrument Detection / Tagging
  • Adversarial Examples in Instrument Detection / Music Tagging
  • Learning Timbre and Pitch Invariant Audio Features for Arbitrary Downstream Tasks (Contact: Paul Primus)
  • Cross-dataset comparison of machine learning tasks in music information retrieval (Contact: Markus Schedl)
  • Intelligent music browsing interfaces (Contact: Markus Schedl)

These topics are focusing on processing music audio recordings. We also offer topics for strictly symbolic music processing.