Welcome to the Department of Social Psychology, Personnel Development and Adult Education!

The department of Social Psychology, Human Resource Development and Adult Education directs its research and teaching efforts towards social and psychological processes of innovative and diversifying practices, as well as towards educational qualifications centered around education policies, organization and principles of teaching throughout adult life.


The department’s research and development faculty is specialized in the field of formal, non-formal and informal systems of knowledge construction throughout all areas of life. This includes matters of adapting to new technology, research on pedagogical principles of professionalism, social competence, human resource development, educational research, educational work in business, acquisition of expertise, consulting, and the meaning of stereotypes and assistance for the underprivileged. For these research purposes, the department engages in international, interdisciplinary, and intermediate cooperation.



Please note:

The office is closed from 30th of August 'till 3rd of September 2021.


Institute of Education and Psychology

Department of Social Psychology, Human Resource Development and Adult Education


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